Classified as one of the 15 most beautiful zoos in the world.

Zoo of Beauval is among the most beautiful zoos of the world both by its diversity of species and by its environment.
Of course there are the giant pandas which arrived in April 2012 but it also accommodates extraordinary species among its 5700 animals: koalas, white tigers and white lions, manatees and so many others as you have probably never seen. It is a magic place to be discovered with or without children.

It is situated close to Saint-Aignan, 20 kms from “Les saisons de Traînefeuilles”.

Count a whole day to visit it or 2 days if you have very young children.

It is a very pleasant alternative during a stay of visits of the châteaux which will transport you in a paradisiac universe because the ZooParc of Beauval is also a botanical park.