At our guesthouse “Les saisons de Traînefeuilles” we can accommodate you in one of our four guest rooms,  two of which are family sized, or in the four-bed cottage. A stay in our property between Touraine and Sologne will allow you to visit cultural sites, discover a natural, authentic environment or simply enjoy a break, whatever the season.

We also provide an access to a kitchen and dining room to allow you to prepare your own dinner. All our rooms are very spacious, with private bathrooms and toilets. Family suites consist of two separate rooms, one for the parents and one for the children, sharing common bathrooms. If you prefer to rent the holiday cottage it is fully equipped for you to enjoy an independent stay while also taking advantage of all the outdoor facilities: swimming pool, ponds, children’s games …

To find out more, please take a look around this website.

Isabelle and Rémitrainefeuilles francais